Each day the staff at Silverwood is doing a variety of work with any number of different breeds of horses. We are saddle training Arabians, Half-Arabians, Canadians and many mixed breeds. We start Standardbred youngsters to the cart and harness and teach them to accept the bit properly, we also condition them for sale. We train horses for those who wish to have a confident pleasure horse mount, for trail riding. We train many horses for the show ring whether it is for Halter, Driving or under saddle in a variety of English and Western disciplines.
We have trained horses for the Motion Picture Industry, and have taught actors how to ride them. Horses come to us for refresher courses in their particular disciplines to get ready for a new show season or for conditioning. We also show what we train if the client wishes to take that route in the horse world.

We have designed an early learning program for just weaned foals that is extremely helpful to the horse and handler/rider/owner. We start young horses in their training careers and as well we do re-starts for those horses who need to take a step backwards to get started on the right hoof.
At Silverwood Farm your horse comes first. Everything from the quality, experienced care to the safe and friendly environment, youngsters are given the best opportunity to become well-rounded individuals. Daily handling and specialized training programs are Individually tailored.

See for yourself how quality care can make the difference.

If you’ve any questions about having horses trained then please send us a note or give us a call we would be happy to discuss your Individual needs with you.