This program is designed to allow the students that ride at our farm the opportunity to experience the joys of owning their own horse someday. They get to interact in the daily routines of a working farm and to take on the responsibility of looking after one horse. They can groom them, ride them, bath them, lunge them or take them out to graze. They are responsible for looking after and cleaning the equipment that goes along with each horse.
The horses are leased on a weekly basis this allows students to lease more than one horse, helping them to understand that each horse is unique and different.

There is someone on the farm at all times while the leases are in progress. If they have a problem or need some help we are there for them. If we have to leave the farm for any reason we will let them know so they can schedule around it.

The program is ultimately designed to allow each student to grow their skills in horsemanship while gaining independence. For information regarding leasing a horse and the times and dates that are available please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your requests.