One of the most special times for a horse owner is when their mare is ready to foal. Silverwood Farm offers a safe, comfortable, clean environment for that special event.

Silverwood offers a full range of reproductive services. The staff at the farm has over 50 years of combined experience in Artificial Insemination procedures. It is a well known fact the environment of broodmares is a critical part of reproductive management. Horses have the lowest reproductive efficiency of any Species of livestock for several reasons: 1) Horses are usually selected as breeding stock based on pedigree and athletic performance versus reproductive performance, 2) The “breeding” season is limited to a time of year which partially coincides with seasonal anestrus, 3) and failure to detect estrus or failure to breed the mare within 48 hours prior to ovulation.

From the horse breeders point of view, loss of time in producing a live foal translates in dollars and economic failure. We take pride in the fact that all horses entrusted to us are watched extremely close by very experienced eyes to make this a much less expensive and more enjoyable venture to the broodmare owner. We work very closely with the provincial veterinary field services.

We are dedicated to providing a professional, flexible, customer environment, focused on helping clients achieve their breeding or training goals, or just having fun with their horses.

We are your gateway to breeding success.


Mare and Foal Care

A Premiere Foaling Facility using the appropriate technology and most importantly personal Involvement. We take a total approach to foaling.

Let our skilled staff Breed, Foal and Raise your next Champion for the race track, Show Ring or Trail.

1. Foaling
a. We have delivered hundreds of foals
b. 24 hour Imminent birth watch
c. 48 hour post foaling watch
d. 4 remote camera monitored foaling stalls
e. A dedicated and experienced staff

2. Birth Imprint training of the foal
(for future training ease)
a. Would you like to have a two year old who is focused on his job
b. With less chance of injury caused by unwillingness to perform
c. Who readily accepts working with his feet
d. And stands quietly for the vet

4. Foal Kindergarden
a. All year round turnout in sheds
b. Early learning program
(Please inquire about this excellent program)

5. Reproductive services for mares and stallions
(We have extensive knowledge and experience in
dealing with problem mares)
a. Stallion training to the phantom
b. Corrective management for problem Stallions
c. Semen Collection and shipment
d. We have the facilities to stand Stallions for shipment

6. All associated health care

7. We do semen pick-up in the U.S.A.

8. Collection and storage of colostrum

9. Neo-natal foal care
Our experienced and dedicated staff will care for your ailing foal
we provide all necessary treatments around the clock
24-hour nursing / and supportive care for sick foals. 24-hr intensive foal management to optimize the foals survival chances. We have Immediate access to necessary veterinarian
support services
Silverwood Cares